Q-Ride Customer feedback


Excellent tuition for very beginners like myself. Can’t believe how quickly I could get things right with the excellent methods and explanations. Highly recommend it to any motorcyclist.Brett is so patient. Thank you


Well paced and presented. Even the most experienced rider can learn something from this


I was quite nervous to begin with but my instructor was able to explain what he expected of me and raised my confidence


Brett is an incredibly patient man who takes the time to explain the procedures properly


I have no comment except everything that the instructor taught me was excellent and I will be recommending my friends to go through this Qride course with Brett


Well constructed course. Lots of info


Today was a excellent experience for me and will make riding for me so much more confident


Learnt things that were new to me


Easy way to get license.  Explained clearly and excellent exercises


Clearly understood everything that was presented to me


enjoyed the whole package


it was very easy to learn and understand. I had a lot of fun. I also picked up a lot of new skills and given me a better understanding of my bike


Intensive learning resulting in extensive knowledge of safer riding practices and improved driving /riding ability. Well worth the time and money. Call Brett 0447714336 Qride Mackay


It was very well done and explained, the safety side was very good.


everything was explained clearly . Was good to learn new ways of riding safely


everything was demonstrated and explained thoroughly


This testimony is for anyone with “no experience” in riding a motorcycle wanting to learn to ride with Brett Hoskin from Learn2ride,  Queensland Motorcycle School (Q-Ride)

Firstly let me begin with my initial contact, after seeing an advertisement in the local paper and not knowing anything about who was a good instructor and who may not be, I made an enquiry about learning to ride a motorcycle.

Since I am one of those people who make decisions based on first impressions, I called and explained to Brett that I have never ridden a motorcycle before and asked if he could help?

I thought at 47 I may be too old for this and wondered if he “could he teach an old dog new tricks” He happily replied “no problems let’s set a date for a skills assessment to see how you go, he assured me that he had a distraction free environment to have a ride and a bike that wouldn’t get damaged if I dropped it and to not to worry about a thing. That’s perfect I thought I can’t embarrass myself too much if I make mistakes.

I was now a lot less hesitant, but I was still unsure about me on a motorcycle.  I thought if I’m going to do this then I need to make a commitment to listening to Brett’s directions and observations on how I could improve my skill level to become a competent and safe motorcyclist. We arranged a date and time to meet where I went for an observational test ride.

After completing the ride Brett discussed what he observed and he explained the best approach for me to train to gain my Q-Ride competencies.  Brett was clear concise with what I needed to learn and recommended a plan to suit my learning needs.

Whilst training Brett offered information and coaching above and beyond what I expected, he displayed an honest professional and personal concern for producing a confident safe motorcycle rider while allowing me to progress at a rate at which I felt comfortable.

As a testament to Brett’s ability to teach, it was only a matter of several short lessons before I gained the confidence, knowledge and ability needed to obtain the Q-Ride competency certificate.

The day I achieved my goal was the best day ever, not only was I feeling confident about my ability to ride safely in traffic and on the open road, but I had fun doing it.

Needless to say doing this was money well spent and an invaluable educational asset which has given me the ability to ride a motorcycle safely and confidently and has even provided me with an advanced awareness for motorcyclists when driving a car.

I hope anyone reading this who maybe unsure or nervous about riding a motorcycle for the first time, will gain from my experience and trust in Brett’s ability to underpin and produce the skills and knowledge needed to become a safe and confident motorcycle rider.

WK , Slade Point, Mackay Qld (2008)

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