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Motorcycle Training In Mackay
Courses for everyone.
Qride Beginner Course

Our Qride beginner course prepares you for your Qride Training and Assessment day. The length of the beginner course depends on your previous experience(if any) and your rate of learning.

Our 1 on 1 private sessions allow you to learn  motorcycling habits and  “best practices” from the word go, and at your pace, without the pressure  of performing in a group learning  environment. You will be taught and guided by an experienced, professional,  Qride Accredited Motorcycle Rider Trainer.

Initially your on-bike session will start out at our private training area. Here you will be able to learn and practice almost all skills required for good motorcycle control including :

* familiarisation with the motorcycle controls, how and when           to use  them.
* Start and stop
* Use of brakes
* Steering the bike- Counter steering
* Gear changes
* Riding at ALL legal road speed

and much more..................

Our Q ride mackay  courses are designed to cater to your busy life style. Small class sizes and 1 on 1 training ensure more personal training and less idle time.

Our commitment to your successful riding pursuits goes beyond passing the Qride assessment. The course is designed to meet the challenges of each student as individuals. We understand that people learn in different ways and at different rates, so it is important that we  recognize and adapt to the student.

From past experience, and regardless of the course you are registering for, we have found that grouping everybody in the same class does not maximize the learning potential for everyone.

During registration you will be asked several questions and based on your response we will advise you on the session  that would best suit you. Our progressive teaching style, allows maximum mental and physical retention.

Did you know our training
area is almost 1 km long?
Good posture and vision are an
 integral part of motorcycling
Booking Information
For more information or to book a course call us on 0447714336 or email here

Brett Hoskin-Learn2ride delivers Qride Training and Assessment for RSP #465BO911  

Home. QRide Mackay. Courses. Feedback. Safety &Tips. About us. Contact us. Locations. FAQ.