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Component 3

 The Qride road riding component is where you will apply almost all the skills that were learned earlier in the course along with the implementation of motorcycle control skills, road craft skills, defensive riding skills and managing hazards and general road riding situations. Many different situations will be presented to you include : traffic lights, roundabouts, stop and give way signs, single lane  suburban and highway roads etc etc

On successful completion of the  course you will be issued with  your Qride Certificate of Competency which you can present to Queensland transport and be issued with your motorcycle license.

Q-Ride license training and assessment course in Mackay is designed for you to learn new rider skills. This may seem a little daunting at  first but the methods we employ and the way we deliver  the Qride content makes the entire experience quick,  relaxed and enjoyable .

Our standard QRide license Training and Assessment day is broken up into three components:

 Component 1

  * This classroom component prepares you with the mental skill needed to ride out on the road.

We begin with a road safety DVD, made specifically for motorcyclists, followed by a theory session. This is an open discussion and assessment  on all aspects of road riding and covers several topics with particular relevance to motorcyclists e.g., safety, attitude, protective clothing, road statistics ,road positioning, hazard perception, forward planning, appropriate speed, road and weather conditions, following distances, the need to be clearly visible to other road users and  why motorcyclists are more vulnerable than other road users are but to name a few.

Motorcycle maintenance and preparing the motorcycle for operation is also addressed at this stage of the Qride course.


Component 2

   Our next Q Ride license training and assessment session is held at our private training area. This is a practical lesson where we teach you basic machine handling , using a minimum of three gears up to a maximum speed of approx 40 kph to 50 kph.

 Throughout your Q-Ride license course your instructor will always talk you through each new manoeuvre and will readily demonstrate each aspect of control to further clarify the exercise.

You will be expected to demonstrate safe use of gears, throttle, brakes, steering and balance. Specific exercises such as emergency stops, controlled braking using both brakes to a halt, figures of eight, u-turns, rear observations and left/right turns must be performed to an acceptable standard to be deemed as competent .


You will develop riding skills you cannot learn from family members or friends.

These base skills will lay the foundation for you to become a safer and confident motorcyclist.

The Learn 2 Ride Q ride motorcycle  riding instructors l come from various backgrounds, but they all have three things in common: They are  professionally trained. They have  been riding for  years. And, they want to see others ride to survive and enjoy the sport.

Qride training in Mackay for licence upgrade on CBR1000RR There is more to  Qride than just  getting your licence Q RIDE


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