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Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes your course different to others.?

    * It is not our aim to get as many people through our course in the shortest  possible time. Our aim is to pass on as much knowledge as we can so that you can competently and safely ride a motorcycle for years to come.  The ability to understand what you are doing and why will give you the tools to be able to  manage  the  situations that  you and your 2 wheeled machine will encounter is just so important.  Our small class sizes will allow you  more time to practice and learn and our trainer can spend more individual time with each student . We guarantee that you will learn things from us that you will not learn in other  riding courses.

What qualifications do you have?

    * Your rider trainer is Accredited by The Department of Transport and Main Roads to conduct motorcycle trainig and  assess under the Q Ride program.  Brett aas upgraded to the most recent rider training qualifications and is recognised in all states of Australia as a rider trainer. Brett has also attended  Risk Managment training from Dupont.

What will I need to bring on my lesson, training or QRide day?

    * Your motorcycle riders licence. Learner RE, RE licence or R licence.

    * Long pants and closed-in shoes

    * Jacket, helmet, gloves and if you do not have these, we can supply them to you free of charge

    * Protective eye wear or goggles if your helmet does not have a visor

    * A snack and drink, although we can pick something up along the way.

    * The balance of the price of the course if you have not paid in full (EFTPOS is not available)

Can I use my own bike for Q Ride and training?

    * Yes, it must be  registered and roadworthy, including registration label.

What if I dont have a bike?

    * We will provide a bike for you to use.

How do I pay for the course?

    * At this moment cash or direct deposit. Unfortunately we do not accept eftpos  payments at this time.

Can I get a discount?

    * Discounts or SPECIALS are on offer from time to time and we are happy to talk to groups regarding package deals.

We believe our training and course costs are very very reasonable. In fact we have not had a price rise in more than 3 years..

When can I get my motorcycle  RE Learner permit?

    * You need to have held your car P license for 12 months or longer before you can get your learner permit / licence for a motorbike.

What size bike can I ride once I get my RE license?

    * The LAM Scheme was introduced in Queensland on 1 July 2009. It restricts class RE (restricted) motorcycle licence holders to a combined power-to-weight ratio and engine capacity restriction. The former 250 millilitre (ml) engine capacity restriction no longer applies.

The LAM Scheme restricts learner riders to motorcycles that comply with both of the following capacity restrictions:

    * power-to-weight ratio must not exceed 150 kW/t

    * engine capacity must not exceed 660 ml.

When can I ride a bigger  or open class bike?

    * After 12 months of obtaining your RE license you are then able to go for your R license (to ride all sized bikes).  You must take the same Q Ride test but on an open-sized bike.

    * You cannot start learning on an open-sized bike until you have held your RE license for 12 months or more and then you can ride an open bike when followed by another open rider and your bike must have an L plate.

Where  do we go to do the course?

    * We currently deliver our theory in South Mackay.  Our training area is only a short ride away.

What sort of training area do you have?

    * Our training area is without doubt the best in the area. We DO NOT conduct beginner training  or Q Ride assesment competancies in  back streets  where cars and trucks can appear at any moment. We do not conduct our training in small car parks. Our training area is on  private property, lockable and fully fenced and not accessible by unauthorised people or vehicles. The perfect  learning environment. Our training area is almost 1km long and you can travel at speeds up to 100km /hr in complete safety.


Information on LAMS approved bikes

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