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Absolute beginners wanting to learn to ride.
1 on 1 qride pre licence  training.
Novice riders with some motorcycling experience.
Recreational dirt bike riders wanting to get their licence
Had a couple of rides of a friend’s bike?
Haven’t ridden for a while  but want to get your licence?

The Learn2ride  Qride beginner course prepares you for your Qride Training and Assessment .

The length of the Qride  beginner course and the number of sessions you will need is variable and dependant  on your  previous riding experience ,if any,  and your individual rate of learning.

Initially your on-bike session will start out at our private training area. Here you will be able to learn and practice almost all skills required for good motorcycling and prepare you for the road.
Good posture and vision are an
 integral part of motorcycling

You will become familiar with the controls, learn how to sit on the bike,  start and stop, use the clutch , change gears, turn corners and bends and control the motorbike, at all legal road speeds.

This is the only training area in Mackay where you can ride at speeds up to 100 kph  BEFORE you venture out onto the road.

The advantage of 1 on 1 training is that you can  develop your skill at your pace rather than feel you need to keep up with others  as is the case in a group environment.

Once you and your trainer happy with your riding you can then move into the Qride training and assessment course and be on the way to obtain your motorcycle licence


Qride license course exercise. Student performing a figure of eight as p[artt of Pre Qride training.
For more information or to book a course call us on 0447714336 or email here

Brett Hoskin-Learn2ride delivers Qride Training and Assessment for RSP #465BO911  

Home. QRide Mackay. Courses. Feedback. Safety &Tips. About us. Contact us. Locations. FAQ.

Qride Beginner Course in Mackay