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Human behaviour factors are responsible for 92 % road fatalities in Queensland.

Refresher Courses, Roadcraft Courses and Advanced Courses

Thinking about getting back on the road?

Haven’t ridden for a while or just had a quick ride of a mate’s bike remembered those amazing times you had on bikes when you were younger?

Just because you have a  licence doesn't necessarily mean you are good rider. Even  riders who have had many years of experience may not be getting as much out of their riding as they could and sometimes they could have picked up or developed a few bad habits along the way. Imagine having 20 years of bad habits  following us around.

Ever had a near miss, run wide on a corner or just can’t seem to make the bike turn properly? Have you avoided doing a U-turn in a narrow street because you feel unstable or keep heading towards the kerb? Have you ever......?

You can't afford to make mistakes while riding a motorcycle in suburban traffic or out on the highway for that matter.

If you think training is boring, a way of throwing money away, ect... try to look at it as development. After all, if you were trying to improve your golf swing, you would not even think twice about taking lessons with a professional.

Unfortunately history shows us that we very rarely learn from our mistakes unless we know what we did and how to stop it from happening again  in the future we will probably repeat the same mistake over and over.Don't learn the hard way - the school of hard knocks can be a very difficult and painful way to learn and in some cases we just don’t learn at all..

The problem for a lot of riders however is the thought of image conjured up by the  term "training". Thoughts of  someone telling us that we may not be doing someting as well as we could or should  , or being asked to change something that we have been doing for years  immediately spring to mind (at least it used to in my mind) and the  thought of fun vanishes. It doesn't have to be like that though.

You may have invested a considerable amount of money on a motorbike.  Why not invest a very small amount towards your safety.

Our training is intended to make riding more pleasurable as well as safer. While there is no way that we can take you out on the open road and let you ride flat out everywhere, we can help you to develop skills and techniques to ride safely on the road while exploring the potential of your machine while remaining in control at all times.

Small group  of advanced roadcraft course riders.

Bring your mates. Along!

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Refresher, Roadcraft and Advanced Courses are run on an as needed basis. We hold courses for individuals and groups,  Talk to your trainer to tailor the right course for you..

Brett Hoskin

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Cornering class

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Brett Hoskin-Learn2ride delivers Qride Training and Assessment for RSP #465BO911

Contributing factors


Speed related  37.5%

Alcohol/drug related  29.3%

Illegal manoeuvre  12.7%

Fatigue  4.5%

Rain/wet road  3.0%

Disobeying a traffic light/signal  2.4%

Failure to give way or stop  2.1%

Which age group is most at risk?

5-16 years  2.1%

17-24 years  22.7%

25-29 years  12.7%

30-39 years  28.5%

40-49 years  17.9%

50+ years  16.1%

Fatalities as a result of crashes involving motorcycles within Queensland between 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2009:

Motorcycle Training in Mackay